How do I find my sitecode?




A sitecode is a unique Kameleoon key that identifies a site / property in your Kameleoon account. A site / property can be a website, a mobile app or any environment (staging, production…) you use internally. To know more about it, you can read this documentation.

In the back-office

On your Kameleoon back-office, in the left menu, click on “Configuration” and then on “My Sites”. You will find your sitecode at the bottom right of your website card.

If you need to copy and paste it, just click on “Setup” and then “Show the script”.

Your sitecode is indicated there!

In the Chrome extension (only for websites)

You can also find your sitecode on the Dashboard of our Chrome extension.

A click on the + icon allows you to add inserts to customize your dashboard and thus access the information you are interested in at a glance. Add the “Sitecode” insert.