When creating a segment, and if you have already selected one condition, you can either refine this condition or add a new condition.


Add new condition

« Add new condition » allows you to add a condition independently of the first one: condition A and/or condition B. You can add as many condition as you want to: condition A and/or condition B and/or condition C etc. The order of the conditions does not matter.

Refine this condition

« Refine this condition » allows you to clarify an existing condition. It is similar to mathematical parenthesis: (condition A and/or condition B) and/or (condition Cand/or condition D). Once again, you can add as many conditions as you want to.


Example 1

In this example, the visitors targeted are the one coming from a SEO and located in France or all visitors coming from an emailing. Here, the condition “IP location” only applies to visitors coming from a SEO.

Example 2

In this example, the visitors targeted are the new ones who have seen more than 2 pages or returning visitors who have seen more than 4 pages.

Example 3

In this example, the visitors targeted are the visitors on the page https://www.mozilla.org/fr/about who have seen more than 3 pages or browsing the website for more than 6 minutes.

Even if only one page is targeted, the conditions “Number of page views” and “Elapsed time” will take the whole website into account.