Newsletter subscription




Invite your visitors to send their email address and subscribe to your newsletter! To do so, add our specific widget to your experience.

If you do not know how to add a preset widget to an A/B test, read our article on the subject.


The preview box at the top of the configuration page is used to verify that the display fits your desires. It is updated in real time according to your modifications.

Optional content

In addition to the text, the email field and the pop-in button, you can also add a title and/or legal notices with the URL of your choice. You can then modify the details of these elements in the editor.

To add this content, click on the corresponding toggle button to switch it from “NO” to “YES”.


The background of your pop-in can be either a solid color or an downloaded image. Click either of these two options to configure your background.

Data collection

Indicate here how the email addresses entered by your visitors must be retrieved and stored. Then fill in the informations needed.

Via a form on your site

Indicate the URL of the page containing the form and the name of the variable that transfers the email in the form. You can also add some variables to be sent.

Via an external web service

Indicate the URL of the solution that collects the emails, and the name of the variable associated to the email field of your web service. For example, this variable name can be: “email”.

Kameleoon will transmit the information to the chosen service.


Confirmation message

If you activate this option, a confirmation message will be displayed to validate the visitor’s registration to your newsletter.

Display for devices

With a few simple clicks, you can decide on which devices you want to display your widget: computers, smartphones or tablets. By default, all devices are selected. Click on the icon of your choice to unselect this device.

Note: You can also include or exclude devices when you create your segment.

Display options

Two options are available:

  • Apply a semi-transparent background: your website on the background will be darkened to make the pop-in more obvious.
  • Close pop-in if user clicks outside: the visitor will be able to close the pop-in with the close icon or simply by clicking anywhere outside the pop-in.


Do not forget to click on “Save” to validate the creation of your widget!