Cookie information




Via a banner, this widget informs your visitors about the use of cookies.

If you do not know how to add a preset widget to an A/B test, read our article on the subject.

Text message

Fill in the text you want to appear in the banner.

Redirection to terms and conditions

You can include a link to the general terms and conditions related to the use of cookies on your site.

Indicate the text that will be clickable (“Further information”, “Read terms and conditions” …) and the URL to which redirect your visitors.

If you do not want these conditions, disable the option by switching the toggle to “NO”.


The information banner may appear at the bottom or top of your page. In any case, it will be “sticky”: it will remain on the screen even if the user scrolls the page.

Display for devices

With a few simple clicks, you can decide on which devices you want to display your widget: computers, smartphones or tablets. By default, all devices are selected. Click on the icon of your choice to unselect this device.

Note: You can also include or exclude devices when you create your segment.


Do not forget to click on “Save” to validate the creation of your widget!