Setting up Econda Analytics




You can use the Econda Test Suite Plugin to include tests from Kameleoon in the Econda data vizualisation tools.

Activate the Test Suite Plugin on Econda Analytics

Activating the plug-in involves the following steps:

  1. Activate the plug-in for your Econda account. (More information)
  2. Expand the integration for Kameleoon. Alternatively, you can also create and activate the tests directly in Econda Analytics. (More information)
  3. Follow the test results in Econda Analytics,once Econda is also activated in your Kameleoon account. (More information)

Enable Econda Analytics integration on Kameleoon

To use Econda Analytics, you must activate it on the Integrations page.

By clicking on “Activate tool”, you can select the websites on which you want to activate Econda Analytics.

Validate: it’s done! You can link Econda to one of your experiments, the data will be automatically sent between the two tools.