Advanced configuration options




Several advanced options are available for your website, such as cookies management or behavior in case of timeout. If you want to change the default settings, this article will allow you to manage the different options.

My websites

Access options

To access it, log in to your personal back-office .

Then use the menu on the left to access the “My websites” page of the “Configuration” menu, which groups together all your websites configured with your Kameleoon account.

Add a new site

You can add a new site.

A simple click on this button will open the pop-in.

Search, filter, sort

A search bar, as well as filtering and sorting tools, are also available.

Filter websites by status (Kameleoon enabled/disabled) or by script (script installed/not detected/not installed) and quickly find the one whose configuration you want to view.

You can also sort sites by name (alphabetical order), date added, status (Kameleoon enabled/disabled) or amount of associated experiences. By default, they are sorted in ascending order. To sort them in descending order, click on the green triangle that appears on the right when hovering.

Information and actions on the site


Three sections are accessible from the identification card of your site.


This page allows you to install the Kameleoon script on your site.


This page gives access to advanced configuration options: this is the one that interests us here.


This page displays the indicators measured on your site.

When you move the mouse over the card, an information and action bar appears at the bottom:

On the left you will find the number of A/B tests and personalizations created on the site.

On the right, three icons gives you access to three different actions.



If Kameleoon is enabled on your website, the displayed button is the “Disable” one. If Kameleoon is disabled then the button is the “Enable” button.

If you choose to disable Kameleoon, a confirmation pop-in will open and ask you to confirm your decision. If you disable Kameleoon, a confirmation message will appear at the bottom of the page and your A/B tests and personalizations will no longer be active on your site; however, your experiments will resume if you reactivate Kameleoon.


At the click of this button, a pop-in confirmation will appear to ask you to validate your decision or not.


Once you have identified the website that interests you, click on “Edit” or “Configuration”.


The following page is displayed:

It consists of a header, a menu bar and three scrollable sections, accessible in one click:

  • General;
  • A/B test;
  • Personalization.


The header indicates the name of the website.

The “Actions” menu at the top right gives you access to two distinct actions. Click to scroll down.

Enable / Disable Kameleoon

If Kameleoon is enabled on your site, the option is “Disable Kameleoon”. If it’s off, then you can click on “Enable Kameleoon”.


If you choose to disable Kameleoon, a confirmation pop-in will open and ask you to confirm your decision. If you disable Kameleoon, a confirmation message will appear at the bottom of the page and your A/B tests and personalizations will no longer be visible on your site. Your experiments will resume if you reactivate Kameleoon.

Remove site

Click on this option: a confirmation pop-in appears. You will have to re-install entirely the website if you change your mind.

Menu bar

You will find here the three menus “Installation”, “Configuration” and “Indicators”, as well as the possibility of displaying again the page with all your configured websites: “View all sites”.

Website description

You can add a description of your site here.

Behavior if timeout occurs

You can redefine Kameleoon’s behavior when the script exceeds its usual loading time. By default, Kameleoon will eventually launch with a flicker effect.

The available options are:

  • Start Kameleoon (with flicker effect);
  • Disable Kameleoon for this page;
  • Disable Kameleoon for the whole visit.

Data storage

This option allows you to choose where to store data about your A/B tests on the visitor’s computer:

  • Standard Cookie: Stores the data in the user’s cookies.
  • Custom Cookie: Allows you to customize the user’s cookie. When you click this option, two fields appear. You must then fill in the domain name and the duration. By default, the cookie is positioned on your domain name and its validity is 30 days. You can specify a custom domain name. Do not hesitate to consult our article on this subject.

  • Local storage: Stores the data in the local storage of the browser (to know more, consult our article on this subject).

Global custom script

Any JavaScript code you add in this insert will be executed each time the page is loaded, just after loading Kameleoon. This is the solution to add complex tracking code or integration to other solutions.

A/B Test

Editor launching

This option allows you to manage the access to the Kameleoon editor by using the keyboard shortcut Shift + F2. By default, the button is set to “ON”: the option is activated. To disable it, click on the button to switch it to “OFF”.

Result reporting

Enable (“ON”) or disable (“OFF”) the results reporting with this option.

Variation selection script

A variation selection script is a script to force the display of a variation based on specific rules. Enter here the complete the script code to use with Kameleoon.

Necessary reliability for the determination of a winning variation

By changing this percentage, you can set the threshold above which a variation is winning.

Variations that have a lower reliability than the set rate can not be presented as winning ones in your results, regardless of their number of conversions. This has an impact on the results presented by Kameleoon; we therefore recommend that you change this setting sparingly.

To find out more about the reliability rate, visit our lexicon page.


Exclude visitors

You can set a percentage of your visitors who will never be exposed to your personalizations.

We recommend keeping a population unexposed, to measure the impact of your personalizations.

Advanced options

By default, Kameleoon allows the display of more than one similar personalization on a page (for example, 2 pop-ins or 2 images inserted in the same place). You can, however, forbid this simultaneous display by switching the “OFF” button to “ON”.

To add animation effects to your personalizations, Kameleoon embeds the jQuery library in the source code of your pages. If you already inject jQuery into your source code, you must disable this option by switching from “OFF” to “ON”.

Once your changes are complete, click the “Validate” button at the bottom of the page to save your settings.

If you want to reset all the default options defined on this site, click on the “Reset” button.