Launching the graphic editor




Once you’ve created your account and installed Kameleoon script, you are ready to create and launch your tests! This article will guide you step by step towards the launch of your first test.

Kameleoon’s editing mode enables you to create variations of your webpages and to launch and manage your A/B tests.

Via your website

To launch Kameleoon, go to one of the webpages on which you have installed the Kameleoon script and press Maj + F2 or, il you are a Mac user Fn + Maj + F2.

If nothing happens, you can try another method to launch Kameleoon: simply add this code at the end of your URL:


For example, your URL will become:

Once Kameleoon is loaded, a connection pop-in opens. Fill in your user name and password to access the editor. When the editor is open you will see a header above your webpage.

Via your personal space

You can also launch the editor from the back-office. First of all, you need to log into your personal space.

To do so, click on the “New test” button on the homepage or on the A/B testing dashboard page.


These articles will help you explore how to use the various tools and features available in the Kameleoon graphic editor.