Hybrid A/B test




Hybrid tests are a mix between the “Classic A/B tests” and the “Server-side A/B tests”.

They allow you to run both front-end and back-end tests.

Create a hybrid test

From the back-office

From the back-office, go to “New project”:

A pop-in opens, select “Server-side A/B test”:

Select a type of test. You can choose between two types of tests:

  • 100 % server side
  • Hybrid, both server and client-side

In the case of a “hybrid test,” the test is injected into the kameleoon.js application file, which is not the case for the purely server-side tests.

Edit the test From the graphic editor

Edit a variation

For the Server-side tests, you can’t edit variations from the graphic editor.

In the case of the hybrid tests, you can edit the variations like the Classic A/B tests (via the editor or via the code): edit elements of a variation, add new elements on a variation.

Targeting options

As for classic A/B tests, you can access targeting options. 

However, targeting is not server-side. Configuring a targeting on a hybrid test is useful in the case of integration of a third party tool because it allows you to send data to this tool.

Implement the test

After launching your test, a pop-in displays the IDs you need to implement in the code of your website:

To learn more about the back-end/front-end bridge, please read our developers documentation.