Estimate the duration of a test




In the finalization panel of the editor, it is possible to estimate the duration of a test thanks to the button . To do this, you must fill in certain information:

  • Daily traffic on your website (average number of visitors per day on the tested pages);
  • Conversion rate of the measured goal (the current conversion rate of the goal, which will be used as a reference);
  • Necessary reliability index (by default, it is 70%, but you can change its value);
  • Necessary improvement rate.

Note: This is an estimation; once your test is launched, the reliability index will let you know if your results are reliable or not. For more information, you can consult our documentation on the results page.

[If some of these terms leave you speechless, do not hesitate to consult our glossary to learn more about the data processed by Kameleoon.]

Once done, click on “Calculate” to get your estimation. Then, click on “Close” to go back.

The estimator automatically takes into account the traffic allocation and the number of variations.