API key




What is an API key?

The API key is an authentification system with tools that allows the transfer of data in a more secure way than the conventional login/password system.

It is linked to an user account. A Super Admin activates the API key of the user account. Once activated, each user can generate a new API key if needed.

It can be used for all integrations that offer this authentification system.

Enable API key

The Super Admin user has to go to the “Users & rights” page.

When adding or editing an user account, go to the “Account authorizations” tab.

To enable the API key, change the toggle to “ON”.

Click on “Add”/”Edit”: a key is automatically generated.

As a user, you find this key on your profile.

This is the key you will need to fill in when integrating with other tools. This authentification allows access to data related to websites that you have configured in the “Website authorizations” section.

Once created, the API key is activated by default but can be deactivated at any time.

When you deactivate the API key, you can reactivate it or generate a new one.


Enter the API key in ContentSquare

For the moment, only ContentSquare uses this authentification system.

On the ContentSquare Dashboard, go to the settings menu.

Select the “Integrations” section:

In integrations, select Kameleoon:

Then enter your login and API key: