Add a new element




Pull down the variation menu and click on “New element”.

A pop-in offers you several options:

  • An image
  • A paragraph
  • A pop-in
  • A widget

Add an image

Choose “Image”: a pop-in opens in which you will be able to select an image file. The image is inserted in your page upon validation. Change its location using the “Position” tab in the tool panel. You can also edit the image using the “Style” tab.

Add a text paragraph

Choose “Paragraph”: a pop-in opens where you can type your text and format it with the built-in formatting bar. Then click on “Validate” to integrate the text into the page.

You can move the text on the page using the “Position” tab of the tool panel and change it at any time via the “Style” tab.

Add a pop-in

A pop-in is a window that opens inside your web page, above its content. It can appear upon opening the page or after an event (like a click on the “Add to cart” button).

Select the image

To select an image, type its URL in the corresponding field, or import a file from your computer.

To delete a selected image, clickon  the “Delete” button that appears when you hover over the image.

Redirect the visitor to

If you wish, you can add a link to your pop-in. To do this, simply indicate the link in the corresponding field.

The URL you entered will open in a new window if the visitor clicks anywhere in your pop-in.

Position of the pop-in on the page

By default, the pop-in is located in the center of the page, but you can choose its location by clicking on one of the arrows of the diagram. You can also move it with a simple drag and drop, or precisely adjust its position on the X (horizontal) or Y (vertical) axis by clicking on “Advanced placement”.

Exposure settings

Drag the toggle buttons to “ON” to limit exposure to the pop-in.

A menu is displayed for each option, allowing you to configure it precisely.

Then click on “Validate”: your pop-in is added to your page!

You can then move or edit it using the “Position” and “Style” tabs in the tool panel.