Access the results page




To access the results page of an experiment, log in to you Kameleoon back-office.

Via the sidebar

In the sidebar, go to the “Dashboard” of your personalizations.

Via the homepage

On the homepage of your personal space, you will find the results of your last personalization.

Click on the blue block to access the results page of the experiment, or on “All tests” to access all tests and view another one.


The Dashboard page gives you access to the results of all your personalizations.

Note: You can also create a new experiment from this page by clicking “New personalization” at the top right of the page.

A search bar allows you to easily find an experience by entering its name.

Filters and sorting are also available so you can easily find the experience you are looking for.

Each experience is represented as a “card” like this one:

On this card, you will find an overview of the main results and essential information about the experience: name, associated website, tags and status (draft, online, paused, deviated or stopped).

To access the results of the experiment, hover over the card and click on the “See results” button that appears.

Results page

The results page consists of different parts. For each part of the page there is a dedicated article:

1 – Side panel

2 – Actions on the results page

3 – Display settings

4 – Main results

5 – Evolution curve

6 – Comparative view graph

7 – Tables of results